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One wish

Posted by on March 15, 2013

What if I told you that this is IT. This is that time you’ve been waiting for.

In fact, it was here all along, waiting for you. Waving, jumping up and down, shaking things up, trying to get your attention. “Some day”, you thought.. “Pick me, pick me!!”, this day called back. “If only,…” you wished. “It’s here, it’s all here and now”, the present whispered in your ear. You almost heard it, you even stopped for a moment.
Then the next shiny “what if” caught your precious attention and led you slippingly away from the brilliance of this space, away from this time, the only real instant, the one between this breath and the next, between two heartbeats. Between thoughts.

Astray from you, you’ve been for a while. You’re ready now to sit within. To release your tight grip on never-land. To allow. My favorite word, the first step toward embracing. Allow.

Like a deep breath, a long exhale. You can do that. It asks no more of you than to just be still. Don’t do, don’t rush, don’t spill outside of yourself. Don’t comfort. Don’t strive. Don’t entertain, nor impress. So effortless, really. Be, allow, soak it all in. The place you’re in, the sounds you hear, the smells, the sights. Do you watch the light, really take it in? How it rims around people, how it glimmers in their eyes, or on a moist leaf, how it envelops, contains, sustains. What a miracle.

Through you, in you, in this moment, the Universe is aching for respite. Will you offer it this gift? It’s all up to you, and it asks simply for stillness.

Grant it this wish, let the whole manifested world find a peaceful moment through your choice to simply be within yourself.
Fill your physical boundaries with kind acceptance. Allow. Love yourself be. Love it all be.




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